Favorite Early Intervention & Assistive Technology Web Sites

Team members have contributed the following sites, which they have found to be useful:

  • The Family Center on Technology and Disability (FCTD) is a resource designed to support organizations and programs that work with families of children and youth with disabilities.
  • The Alliance for Technology Access provides information on how to adapt toys for children with disabilities.
  • The Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood Education lists articles regarding using technology with children in the classroom.
  • Let's Play Project offers ideas about enhancing play opportunities to children including assistance with positioning, mobility, communication and toys.
  • Linda Burkhart provides useful information about assistive technology from hands on information to web and vendor resources.
  • NCIP has posted great ideas as well as examples of the various ways assistive technology aids small children with their development in the pre-school classroom. Included are descriptions of many different types of hardware which boost children’s autonomy by allowing them to develop decision-making skills, participate in class discussions, literacy skills, and learn consequences to their actions.
  • Exceptional Parent describes how using assistive technology devices will encourage children with disabilities to improve efforts of communication and other developmentally important skills. The earlier a child is taught with these devices, the more willing he/she will be to accept this type of learning, which can greatly improve the quality of life. Parent involvement with the use of assistive technologies is encouraged, and many resources for obtaining assistive technology devices are listed. Included is a story of a four year old boy whose life was changed drastically by using an augmentative communication device and intensive speech therapy. This site is a great resource for learning the goals of assistive technologies and ways to reach those goals.
  • Parents, Let’s Unite for Kids contains a comprehensive list of a large number of considerations when using assistive technology. This website walks one through all the steps taken for evaluation of a person with assistive technologies needs, as well as frequently asked questions, hints for parents, case studies, and guidelines for making assistive technology decisions. Also included is funding for assistive technologies, how to apply for funding, and tips that lead to success. In addition, many low cost, low technology solutions are listed to aid children in their development. For those who are just beginning to learn about assistive technologies as well as those who are already advocates, this site has a plethora of information which may be helpful in the process of choosing assistive technology devices that will provide appropriate services to children.
  • Able Play - Toyrating system and website that provides comprehensive information on tap for children with special needs. Includes product reviews and ideas of how to play with the toy.
  • Arizona State University - Tots n Tech
  • Bookshare.org - This membership site allows the user with a documented print disability (blindness, low vision, reading or mobility disability) to legally share scanned books. Membership can be attained through school districts/groups or individuals for a fee. Books are available from grade three through adult. Text reader software as well as embossed Braille copies are also available with membership.
  • Enchanted Learning - A website with resources on all the topics that kids love. It is loaded with art activities, rebus stories and nursery rhymes, arts and crafts suggestions, and bilingual materials. It has a membership fee but much of the information can be accessed for free.
  • The National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center
  • Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology(QIAT), pronounced like the word quiet. Check out all the resources related to the ongoing process of identifying, disseminating, and implementing a set of widely-applicable quality indicators for AT Services in school settings. Contributed by the SWAAAC Web committee.
  • Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative(WATI) is full of great resources. Their mission is focused on ensuring access to AT for kids. You will find free downloads of resources and materials for evaluation-- both in English and Spanish. Contributed by the SWAAAC Web committee.
  • WheelchairNet - A resource at the University of Pittsburgh with many useful resources for those interested in the topic of wheeled mobility. Contributed by Mary Ellen Buning who is the person who worked to develop the site.
  • Zero to Three - Topics on healthy development.

Web Resources with Activities for Kids

  • Free Books Online: There are also many free books available to play and view on line. Some examples are www.storyplace.org, www.starfall.com and www.mightybook.com
  • Priory Woods School This is a wonderful resource for early childhood and literacy/early reading and writing skills. In addition to numerous other resources, the site contains switch videos. These videos contain animations or slideshows set to music, which can be controlled by a range of common assistive access devices. They are designed to help children understand and generalize cause and effect (the action/reaction bond), one of the foundation stones for early learning. All of the videos can be played online or downloaded for use on a PC or Macintosh computer. If you have slow internet access, you’ll probably want to download them before using them with a child. The narration does have an English accent. There are activities for young children in the kids section. Try “The Sleepy Farmer” for a great narration with animal photos and sound effects.
  • Do 2 Learn Visit for free downloads of clever songs and activities. In particular there are safety songs such as crossing the street and what to do in a fire. Click on free areas (left hand side of front page) and games to see some of the early childhood options.
  • Chateau Meddybemps This site contains preschool/early elementary activities and games for writing, matching, categorizing, mouse control and much more. There is no sound with the activities so some children may not be engaged. Most activities require and adult to sit with the child to explain directions and keep them engaged. The puzzles provide a nice opportunity for working on mouse skills.
  • Little Clickers - This web site is a compilation of numerous links to resources for children. Although it is intended for 3-12 year olds, we found valuable resources there.

General Assistive Technology Web Resources